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Keyword Based Resume Writing Service

Our Keyword Targeted Services were developed to help job applicants optimize
their efforts to secure a job position in a competitive application environment.

Any application submitted today needs to contain keywords in order to be easily accessible when collected in electronic databases, since job recruiters typically type keywords to sift through the applications they receive.

Applications that do not contain these keywords will likely never be read. 

Resume Keywords?

Our ’s Keyword System ensures you stand out for the right reasons. It is common across industries and fields to sort incoming job applications electronically. An Effective Resume Writing must reflect an understanding of how this is done in order to give their clients the best advantage during the job search. Having the right keywords will ensure your resume and application get the attention they deserve. Typically Resume Writing Companies are focused solely on creating a summary of your work experience and pay no regard to how your career “timeline” appears to the individuals in charge of hiring. Would a resume from a typical writing service, which is likely simply re-written upon a template, be able to open doors for you? How your career information is presented to a hiring authority is just as important as what information is being presented. We understand that and ensure that your resume rises to the top in any hiring situation.

Why Industry Research is Important

Is inserting keywords all a writing service has to do in order to ensure their clients stand out?  Well, if the goal was only to be selected from a single database for a single company, the answer could be affirmative.  However, when looking across industries, there are two issues.  The first is that every industry, from finance to engineering, has a changing inventory of “hot” resume keywords.  The other is that every job application has a different focus.  Therefore, a Resume Writer needs to have both an understanding of the current state of an industry as well as the ability to do relevant research before writing any resume.  We draw upon both our experience, through keyword databases that have developed over the years, as well as industry specific research that occurs before we do any client’s work.


Tailored Writing Style vs Resume Templates

English Resume Service is an Expert Resume Company, creating in house resumes that are stylistically optimized for your industry.  Our Service is geared towards making your resume keyword rich, readable, and relevant to the position you are in pursuit of.   English Resume Service does not maintain templates, because no two applicants or job positions are the same.   In addition, our Resume Service maintains graphic designers to stylize the look of your resume, according to your industry standard.  A resume for a web designing position at a leading advertising company would certainly show more flair then a managing director at an emerging hedge fund, but knowing how to make your resume stand out professionally is where English Resume Service shines.   

Resume Value

Choosing English Resume Service as your Resume Company will give you the primary tools to secure the career position you desire.  Our keyword targeted resumes benefit from a combination of experience and research that is unmatched in the industry.  Our Resume prices, however, remain highly competitive.  All of us at English Resume Service are Native English Speakers who have years of experience writing resumes for various competitive industries such as finance, law, and academics.  However, as we process over a 1,000 resumes a month, we can offer Effective Resume Service for a fraction of the cost of other companies. We have Professional Resume Writing Products that meet all budgets, from simply editing your current resume to Total Resume Writing Service that is simply unrivaled.   We offer unlimited free revisions in order to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your order. Simply put, Our Service is the best investment you can make in securing the position and salary you desire.


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Our Cover Letter Services allows us to create a stylized introduction to your application. A resume cover letter is often the first thing an employer will use to evaluate interest in you.


Professional Resume Writing

English Resume Service
offers resume writing that accommodates your career at any level. In addition, we offer a resume editing service for those on tighter budgets.

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