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For individuals who have experience in one career field but are transitioning to another, we can help demonstrate why your previous experience makes you a perfect fit. 

This product works with people with any level of career or educational experience. 

Our goal here is to re-package you into the most perfect applicant possible. 

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Career Change Resume

The key to a Career Transition Resume is to make it appear as if you are not even changing careers. In today’s fast paced world, it is not unusual for an individual to seek new careers. Of course, in order apply for a job in a different field, you need a professional resume. Ideally, you will be able to have a Career Transition Resume that builds your value to employers by emphasizing how your previous skills will apply to a new position. There are not many companies that specialize in “Career Change Resumes”, but English Resume Service has found a niche in this market.

With the rapid changes that have occurred in the economy in the recent years, most savvy job seekers understand that they only have one chance to get the job of their dreams. The most successful job applicants hire professional resume writers to ensure that they are putting their best foot forward. In order to have the best Career Transition Resume, a person needs to devote several weeks of research into understanding their future field. Then, they would incorporate their findings into their Career Transition Resume in a professional way. While many professional resume writing companies often are able to write a resume, it is unlikely that they specialize in the Career Transition Service. Since the research time that goes into a Career Transition Resume is over 40 hours, their pricing is unlikely to be competitive.

English Resume Service can offer our Career Transition Resumes at the same prices as our other professional resume services because we have in-house databases that allow us to use same research for many applicants applying within the same field. In essence, we make up for our overhead by increasing our processing volume. In fact, while your background will vary, it is likely you are only applying to a few of the hot fields right now. We have done our research and know exactly how to lead you, via our Career Transition Resume, to the job of your dreams.

English Resume Service has an unrivaled approach to Career Transition Resumes, especially when compared to other resume writing services. Career Transition Resumes need to offer insight about how your experiences, despite being in another field, have prepared you for your future position. English Resume Service ’s Career Transition Resume requires our researching staff to learn everything about every position you have ever held, in order for us to link similarities between those experiences to your future position.

Whenever possible, we use the same keywords to describe those experiences. In fact, we often cross check various databases to ensure your Career Transition Resume appears relevant to your future position. In fact, your future employer may not even think you are changing careers!


Professional Resume Writing

English Resume Service
offers resume writing that accommodates your career at any level. In addition, we offer a resume editing service for those on tighter budgets.

Cover Letters

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For a Career Change Cover Letter or Career Transition Cover Letter, our Cover Letter Service allows us to create a stylized introduction to your application. A cover letter is often the first thing an employer will use to evaluate interest in you.

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