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Why English Resume Service ?  Aren’t all online resume services the same?

English Resume Service prides itself on its use of grammatically correct professional English.  This is unique to our company.  Looking at other websites, you may have noticed awkward handling of the English language.  This is because their writers are outsourced, in India or the Philippines.  These writers are not very comfortable with English and the results will show in the finished product.  Your career is very important and interviewers will treat your resume and cover letter as a reflection of your experience and intelligence.  Since our prices are competitive, your choice may be clear already. 

Can English Resume Service 's keyword based system help me?

When it comes to resumes, English Resume Service is expert in utilizing keywords to enhance an applicant's chances. Every time someone evaluates your application across industries, there is an element of keyword scanning. Traditionally, applications were scanned by eye, but obviously today nearly all HR departments manage an electronic resume database. Having the right keywords seamlessly integrated into your application often is the difference between a resume simply "turns up" on a search and one that actually gets an interview. 

I have a Career can you help me?

Your counselors are limited in both time and resources. They often have dozens, if not hundreds, of people to attend to. As far as most are concerned, as long as you get ANY job, you are successful. Our job seekers are often hoping to improve their job prospects, which often requires individual, focused help.  The hundreds of hours we have invested in application research will only benefit our clients. 

How do your costs compare?  Is it worth it?

Our Resume services are top notch and comparable to seeing personal professional job counselor, which typically costs over $500, not including the other expenses associated with seeking professional help. There are individuals who do resume writing for under $100, but the fear is always in the quality of work you are receiving. 

We have services starting from $49, which is essentially designed to accommodate any budget.  The cost of going to your job interviews will typically begin at $10 and escalate when you start to consider the price of fuel, bus fare, parking, clothing, and lunch.  Our services are designed to for you to optimize your job search, saving you money today and helping you make money tomorrow. Getting the best career possible is clearly worth the investment. 


How long will it take?

Typically 2-3 days.  If your deadline is fast approaching, send an email and we will rush it overnight.

Do you offer more?

Yes. The services offered on our website are our core services, but for larger orders we can accommodate you.  Contact us for group deals.   


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offers resume writing that accommodates your career at any level. In addition, we offer a resume editing service for those on tighter budgets.

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Our Cover Letter Service allows us to create a stylized introduction to your application. A cover letter is often the first thing an employer will use to evaluate interest in you.