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The Resume for Military Transition

This resume product is tailored to individuals who are transitioning to civilian life.  We will highlight your experiences to present you as a mid-level or executive level potential employee, depending on your time in service.  Our service is skilled in highlighting military experiences and demonstrating their unrivaled value on the civilian market.

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Military Transition Resume

English Resume Service specializes in Resumes for Military Transition, for those leaving the military soon or current ex-military. For individuals who have served in the armed forces, an ex-military (or resume for military transition) is a vital part of the job search. Employers seek ex-military applicants for a number of reasons.

Those who have served in the military have first been vetted to ensure they are reliable employees. In addition, ex-military people have been trained, often with very specialized skills. These skills may or may not have a direct civilian equivalent.

A Resume written specificaly for Military Transition will help anyone who has military skills but is unsure how directly they will carry over to the civilian job market. English Resume Service is adept in the re-imaging of a military applicant.

While it is clear to many employers, such as Boeing, about the advantages of hiring former military into their civilian ranks, many other companies require more convincing. Our Military Transition Resume appeals to both companies that possess an excellent ex-military hiring record, like Northrop or IBM, and other industries that are traditionally less open, such as the financial industry.

English Resume Service ’s Military Resume Services and our Resume for Military Transition has opened doors for hundreds of ex-military in the past, and we use those experiences to ensure your future, Our ex-military resume works to open every door possible for you.

Professional resume writers only have a limited knowledge fund to draw upon, as they typically only serve a handful of clients a month. In addition, their rates are drawn at about $200 per hour of service. In contrast, we offer services that ultimately cost less than $5 an hour, since our resumes are built upon shared resources. Our Resume for Military Transition"s value is built upon shared resources, using databases to benefit many individuals. In short, our Resume for Military Transition is a superior product at a competitive price.

When ordering English Resume Service ’s Resume for Military Transition, you will be given a form that will collect your relevant past experiences. We will then link those experiences to employable keywords, which will be included in your resume.


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