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Are you getting all the interviews you deserve?

If not, English Resume Service, may help bridge the gap,

taking you from where you are now to the job you want to be in. 

Our Resume may be the last resume you will ever need.

Why settle for an average or inferior resume? 

The Quality of the Resume represent the Quality of the Individual! 

Our Highly Effective Resume Services, which includes Resume, Cover Letter and Editing
are centered on the concepts of professional writing
and focus on the right keywords for the career position you desire. 

Keyword Targeted Resume Services 

Resumes, Editing and Cover Letters

Cover Letter

Using a English Resume Service Keyword Targeted Resume Cover Letter often is the first step for our thousands of successful applicants! Our cover letter service is unrivaled. Cover letters need to demonstrate to your hiring authority that you are a qualified applicant and are worth a “deeper look”. In addition, our cover letters contain keywords which help demonstrate that you are relevant to the position you are after. Our cover letters work with our resumes to present you as a person with excellent communication and job skills.

Resume Editing Services

This service is for someone who is on a budget and realizes that the resume they have is not effective.  We will take the resume you supply and edit it for content.  We will improve your writing, from your grammar to your content.  Our editing service also is useful in “fixing up” resumes you have had written by other companies that have disappointed you. 

A Tailored Resume

Entry Level Resume

The goal at this stage of your career is to get “your foot in the door”, so to speak.  Let English Resume Service work our magic into turning your application into the most appealing one on the market.  We will highlight not only your current skill set, but more simply your Potential.  This is perfect for new graduates or those with only a year or two of work experience.


Professional Resume

Our most popular product.  Typically people who have 3-5 years of experience in a particular industry but desire to change careers or increase opportunities use our Mid Level service. 
  At this point, we try to highlight your accomplishments you have made, whether stated or implied.  Here, we present you as a mission critical Driving Force that no company can do afford to do without.


Executive Resume

The professional who requires this level of service is one who has already had some significant accomplishments and desires a Leadership position.  You know how to take control of a project and execute.  We need to highlight your accomplishments in ways you have never thought of.  You may be surprised at how good you can look on paper.    


Military Transition Resume

This resume product is tailored to individuals who are transitioning to civilian life.  We will highlight your experiences to present you as a mid-level or executive level potential employee, depending on your time in service.  Our service is skilled in highlighting military experiences and demonstrating their unrivaled value on the civilian market.


Federal and Government Job Resumes

With Our Help Your Skills Will Open Doors to Federal and Government Jobs.


Career Change Resume

For individuals who have experience in one career field but are transitioning to another,
we can help demonstrate why your previous experience makes you a perfect fit. 
This product works with people with any level of career or educational experience. 
Our goal here is to re-package you into the most perfect applicant possible. 

The Resume Services we offer demonstrate our superior understanding of the Resume Service industry.  We, understandably offer resumes for all levels of career seekers from Entry Level to Executive.  However, what sets out resume services team apart is the fact we understand that military transition, federal, and career change applicants have different requirements compared to the typical applicant.  We offer custom tailored resumes that suit all industries at nearly every budget. 

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