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Using a English Resume Service Cover Letter often is the first step for our thousands of successful applicants!  Our English Cover Letter services are unrivaled.  A Cover Letter needs to demonstrate to your hiring authority that you are a qualified applicant and are worth a “deeper look”.  In addition, an English Resume Service Cover Letter contain keywords which help demonstrate that you are relevant to the position you are after.  Our Cover Letters work with our resumes to present you as a person with excellent communication and job skills.  

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Why would you want a Cover Letter

 If you have the ambition to better to your life through improving your career, having a great cover letter is a must.  Why is a Cover Letter so important?  A great cover letter shows a potential employer why they must hire you over all the other candidates.  There is a reason why some people never have a problem finding a job while others cannot even get their foot in the door.  A professional cover letter is the starting point to any great career.  The English Resume Service cover letter focuses not on making you “stand out”, but rather on showing your future company how you “fit in”.

A Great Cover Letter starts with an introduction. 

A Great Cover Letter finds Common Ground. If you know someone at the company who is referring you, the introduction is the best place in the letter to mention it.  In our experience, a Cover Letter that contains some reference to a current or former employee often gets a better response.  However, most cover letters do not contain a reference, which places the focus squarely on you, their perfect applicant.  In this fairly typical situation, you want your letter’s introduction to show some “common ground” between the company and you.  At English Resume Service , we typically ask our clients a number of specific and broad questions in order to find the best angle to approach “common ground”.  For example, when applying to a Wall Street firm, mentioning you first heard of a company during a recruiting event at your school is a great opening.  However, a Cover Letter that dwells on bailouts or Occupy Wall Street may get a colder reception.  There are different approaches to the cover letter introduction across industries, but being positive and upbeat is certainly important. 

Employers should see You are well informed in the first paragraph of

Your Cover Letter.

This should continue on and mention something noteworthy about the company you are applying to.  While this may seem manipulative, you are letting your future employer know you are informed about the company early on in your letter.  This shows your employer you take initiative and also that you respect the company enough to compliment it.  At English Resume Service , we typically demonstrate how informed you are in the 1st paragraph of the cover letter.  Of course, your Keyword Targeted Cover Letter is a product of careful writing and extensive research, so depending on the industry, company, and the client, our approach to your Cover Letter may differ.

Your Strengths, Personal Traits, and Work Habits should be emphasized in the second paragraph of the

Cover Letter

The Cover Letter is the right place to provide insights about your work record that would not be appropriate in a resume or application.  For example, if you are a journalist and you have never missed a deadline, this is the right place to mention it.  At English Resume Cover Letter Service, we find the second paragraph is the most appropriate place in a cover letter to mention personal traits and work habits.  It is important to only mention traits your future employers will want to read, as that shows both maturity and understanding.  Depending on the client and industry, we also add additional information to your cover letter’s main body. 

The Perfect Impression: The third paragraph of a

Cover Letter essentially is your closing.

This is essentially is your closing.  Of course, no letter should end abruptly.  Therefore, this is part of the cover letter where you show how, based on the previous paragraphs, you are the “perfect fit” for the current position.  If done correctly, the final paragraph lets your future employer know that the job is yours.  In fact, our Cover Letter essentially creates a situation that implies that the actual application process is a formality.  Your future employer, by this point in your letter, should understand that you are qualified for the position, and should be looking forward to meeting with you.    

How do people who write their own

Cover Letter go wrong? 

Well, most letter writers do not have “inside information”.  We do hours of research for every applicant to ensure every word is perfectly crafted to your needs.  Some companies, like various financial companies, have a very straightforward process and we are familiar with how their hiring operations work.  This allows us to tailor the cover letter to the right person and department within the company.  Larger companies, like NBC, require more research to determine exactly who will be reading your cover letter and resume, but this research and inside information is vital.  In addition, individuals often emphasize their weakest traits, on both their Cover Letter and Resume, as their strongest, and vice versa.  For example, do future employers need to know how ambitious you are on your cover letter?  Anyone who is reading your letter for employment would more likely be impressed by humility and professionalism.  Your letter writer needs to understand exactly who will be reading your Cover Letter in order to determine how to tailor it.  Finally, a Cover Letter often fails when it begins to sound needy or desperate.  No matter how much you want a job, it is important to present yourself as a professional in your Cover Letter.  Since we write so many successful cover letters, we have essentially turned the art of application into a science.

If you are serious about getting your career on track, let English Resume Service get your Professional Cover Letter started today. 

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